RIHGA Nakanoshima Inn provides an easy access to areas such as Umeda and Namba by Subway.

Address:1-13-10 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0002 Japan
Phone: +81 (0)6-6447-1122

Nearest Station: Yotsubashi Line Higobashi Station (Y12)
Nearest exit No. 2 (stairs only) or No. 10 (elevator available).
From Kansai International Airport
By Train:
About 65 minutes to Osaka Station by JR Kansai Airport Rapid
About 60 minutes to Namba Station by Nankai train Kansai International
Airport Limited Express "Rapi:t" By Bus: 1 hour by bus bound for Osaka Station, get down at  "HERBIS Osaka" By Taxi: About 60 minutes
From Osaka (Itami) Airport
By Bus: About 30 minutes by bus bound for Osaka By Taxi: About 30 minutes
By Train / Bullet Train
Bullet Train: Get down at Shin Osaka Station
Reach JR Osaka Station by various lines bound for Osaka/Kobe.
From Terminal
From Osaka Station (Umeda)
From subway Yotsubashi Line Nishi-Umeda Station to Higobashi Station
From Namba
From subway Yotsubashi Line Namba Station to Higobashi Station