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Terms of Use for the RIHGA Royal Hotel Group Website

This page stipulates the Terms of Use for the RIHGA Royal Hotel Group Website. Users are requested to read these Terms prior to using the RIHGA Royal Hotel Group Website. By using this system, users are deemed to have accepted these Terms. The RIHGA Royal Hotel Group Website (hereinafter, the “Company Website,”), together with reservations, inquiries, and programs requiring application, are managed by The Royal Hotel, Limited (hereinafter, the “Company”) and operated at the hotels listed on the RIHGA Royal Hotel Group & Associate Hotels Website (*) (hereinafter, “Group Hotels”). Users of the Company Website are requested to read the Privacy Policy of the Company and the Terms of Use set forth below.

1. General matters to be observed

  • Users of the Company Website shall observe general Internet etiquette and proper Internet technical usage rules.
  • It is prohibited to use the Company Website for commercial purposes.

2. Impact from users’ computing environments

The Company Website is set up for use premised on correct settings for Internet connectivity, character display, and e-mail, etc., on the part of users. The Company is not liable for effects resulting from operations under other conditions. Furthermore, irrespective of the above conditions being met, the Company is not liable if the Company Website does not operate correctly due to causes outside the control of the Company, including any settings of users’ computer environments.

3. Change in service contents

The operations and/or contents of the Company Website are subject to change without advance notice to users, as judged necessary by the Company. After a change is made, only the changed content is valid and prior content becomes invalid.

4. Suspension of use

In any of the following cases, the Company can suspend the use of Company Website without prior customer notification and without customer consent.

  • Maintenance of the Company Website
  • Interference with operations from a natural hazard event, system failure, or other extraordinary circumstances, whether actual or anticipated
  • Suspension of usage of the Company Website as judged necessary by the Company in connection with the operations of the Company Website or other reasons

5. Copyrights

As a rule, copyrights to information posted on the Company Website belong to the Group Hotels. It is prohibited to reprint, etc., information posted on the Company Website without Group Hotels’ prior permission in writing.

6. Safety measures

  • In order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information of users and loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage, etc., of personal information, appropriate safety measures are taken with respect to information management, handling, and systems.
  • In order to secure the safety of personal information transmission and reception with users via the Internet on the Company Website, communication is encrypted by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • For the convenience of users and the improvement of services, the Company Website keeps an access record log. Recorded information comprises the date and time of access, viewed pages, domain name, IP address, and the type of browser used, etc. Information that identifies individual users is not recorded. The Company uses this information exclusively for statistical analysis of the usage of the Company Website and for no other purposes. For creating access log records, the Company uses cookies compatible with the access analysis software used by the Company.
  • Cookies
    The Company Website uses files and data (called cookies) that are stored on users’ computer hard disk or memory (or on Internet connected terminals such as smartphones or tablets) when accessing the Company Website. The Company uses cookies strictly for statistics on the usage of the Company Website and for disseminating advertisement. In no event shall Cookies be used for identifying individual users.
    Users can disable cookies by changing the settings of their Internet browsers. Please be advised that some services of the Company Website may become unavailable as a result. Note that by using the Company Website with cookies enabled, a user is deemed to have agreed that the Company may use, etc., the information comprising the user’s access to the Company Website.

7. Responsibilities of users

  • Users are responsible for all of their actions in using the Company Website and all actions on their e-mail accounts, and, unless due to negligence on the part of the Group Hotels, are liable for the consequences irrespective of whether or not an action is taken by a user and irrespective of whether or not negligence is involved.
  • Users who, in using the Company Website, cause damage to another person shall resolve any dispute at the responsibility of the parties involved.
  • If the Company has sustained damages from any of the following acts by a user, the Company may claim from that user compensation for all damages sustained.
    (1) Breach of these Terms of Use
    (2) Transmission or writing of harmful computer code
    (3) Unauthorized access, rewriting, or destruction of the Company Website
    (4) Unauthorized transmission or writing of information of a third party
    (5) Unauthorized use of the Company Website other than for its intended purpose
    (6) Other action in breach of laws and regulations, etc.

8. Disclaimer

  • While utmost caution is exercised in the publishing of information on the Company Website, the Company does not guarantee infallibility. The business content of Group Hotels is provided on an “as is” basis.
  • The Company is not liable for any damages sustained by a user from the use of Company Website.
  • The Company is not liable for any inconvenience or damages arising to a user from a service suspension in connection with the Company Website due to maintenance work on the Company Website, system failure, or other reasons.

9. Links to the Company Website

Parties seeking to link to the Company Website are requested to contact the website manager of The Royal Hotel, Limited. However, as a rule, no links are accepted from sites of individuals.

10. Disclaimer concerning linked websites

The Company Website may link to websites of other companies and organizations in order to enhance the information provided. Linked websites are managed at the responsibility of their respective owners. The Company accepts no liability for their content. Moreover, the Company accepts no liability for the collection and handling of personal information at linked websites. Users are reminded that they use linked websites at their own responsibility.

11. Queries, changes, and deletions of personal information

Users who have entered information enabling individual identification into the reservation site of the Company and who wish to make queries, changes, and deletions of such personal information on the reservation site managed by the Company, are requested to access the page for queries, changes, and deletions and to perform queries, changes, and deletions directly in accordance with the prescribed method.

12. Effective date of the Terms of Use

These Terms take effect beginning on April 1, 2009, Japan Standard Time.
The Company shall be able to revise and change these Terms as required due to changes in social, economic, and other circumstances.

December 23, 2019
(*) Subject hotels
RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka
RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo
RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto
RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima
RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura
RIHGA Gran Kyoto
RIHGA Place Higobashi
Toshi Center Hotel Tokyo
RIHGA Royal Hotel Niihama
RIHGA Hotel Zest Takamatsu