The Toshi Center Hotel Tokyo houses a multi-functional "Cosmos Hall" that is ideal for large events accommodating 750 people along with offering appropriate space for the number people by dividing the hall. We also house a 25 room space (5th floor to 7th floor) ideal for meetings and parties which can suite your needs for trainings, seminars with various number of people.


Highly experienced staff is at your service to suggest the most suitable plan depending on the purpose such as conference, reception, lecture, etc.


A convenient location in the center of Tokyo

The Toshi Center Hotel Tokyo is located in the Nagata-cho business district of Tokyo.
Access to the hotel is convenient by Tokyo Metro from Nagatacho Station, Kojimachi Station and Akasakamitsuke Station.


Highly experienced dedicated staff provides support

We provide a reassurance and relaxing time in a venue with functions and a calm atmosphere that can accommodate a variety of purposes, from small meetings and training sessions to parties and social gatherings.


Bring smiles to your guests with a variety of dishes

For many years, we have been providing dishes that bring smiles to many guests. Inheriting the tradition of Rihga Royal Hotel, we will create an unforgettable time with a variety of dishes that meet your wishes.

Banquet List

We have 25 venues available, ranging from small to medium-sized banquet halls, perfect for personal gatherings such as alumni reunions and welcome or farewell parties, to large banquet halls suitable for exhibitions. We are ready to meet your needs.


We create quality moments as the gathering home that transcends generations. Please choose the dishes that suit your banquet. We are also open to discussing the menu based on your purpose and budget.

Cuisine Style

From buffets to course menus, our cuisine is continually evolving. Passed down by many chefs, we create each and every dish with a heart of hospitality to suit special occasions.

Full-Course Meal

Full-Course Meal

Our chefs have been working together with the spirit of hospitality to create dishes that are suitable for each occasion.



We have prepared a wide range of dishes from various culinary genres to ensure that our guest can enjoy their favorite meals.


We also cater to various requests for meetings and events, including video and communication services.

Decoration, setup and signage

Decoration, setup and signage

We can provide signage, screens, slide equipment, and other items tailored to your specific requests.