The RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura, a landmark of Kitakyushu.

Enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary moment, while taking in the spectacular scenery of Kitakyushu from your window view.

We provide upper rank accommodations on our 26th and 27th Tower Floors.

We now have a Tower Library available,where guests can deepen and enhance their experience of the city of Kokurathrough our selection of books.

Enjoy a special time savoring top-notch flavors while gazing at the cityscape of Kitakyushu.


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Our rooms on the Executive Tower Floor are designed to evoke the image of "illuminated flowers" sparkling on the waters' surface of Murasaki River, which flows along rows of cherry blossom trees which bloom in front of Kokura Castle. From our upper floor windows, we offer panoramic views of nature and the city in harmony (a scene practically out of a scroll painting), as well as a night immersed in the fascinating charms of Kokura.

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Guests can enjoy savory hospitality befitting of a world-class hotel, beginning with Western cuisine which showcases our chef's skills and sensibilities, as well as authentic Japanese delicacies, teppanyaki, and Chinese cuisine, etc., which feature the abundant foods available in Kyushu.

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In addition to venues specialized for online business, such as web conferences. training seminars, and negotiations,we have a total of 15 banquet halls available to best meet whatever your needs may be—from international exchanges, conferences and tournaments, academic conferences, memorials, year-end parties, to welcome and farewell parties, etc.

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