Overlooking the sparkling night view of Kitakyushu

Experience the deep flavor of ingredients
with a special moment
~Executive Chef Shioiri~

Please enjoy the many flavors that will captivate your five senses.


We are especially focused on using carefully selected ingredients and highly advanced culinary techniques for our food. We take the utmost care in serving each and every dish to ensure that all of our guests are delighted by our food. We have a variety of restaurant and bar options to enjoy with a focus on the traditional flavors of Japan, the West, and China.

Dining List

Our hotel's dining options are incredibly diverse, offering Japanese made with Kyushu's rich sea and mountain produce, as well as French cuisine, Teppanyaki, Chinese cuisine, buffet-style dining, and a bar.


  • Carefully Selected Specialty Ingredients
  • Enjoy your fill of our intricate, elegant flavors that place a special focus on the deliciousness of the ingredients.
  • Comfortable Dining Space and Attentive Service
  • We offer a relaxing space together with our sophisticated service and heartfelt hospitality.
  • Pursuing the Essence of Service Through Studying and Experience
  • Our sommelier takes a neutral perspective to get a sense of what suits your taste before they select the best choice of wine to match your requests and preferences.
  • Charmingly Beautiful Scenery for an Extraordinary Time
  • Enjoy a memorable time to your heart’s content as you spend time with your loved ones while gazing at the scenery right before your eyes.