Kyoto's only revolving restaurant with a view 360-degree view of Kyoto

A variety of elaborate gastronomic delights

A blissful moment to be enjoyed in a calm space

Free Wi-Fi in the restaurant

A wide variety of private restaurant rooms available for gatherings


Our commitment to quality dining involves the careful selection of ingredients and the application of high culinary skills. We have a variety of restaurants and bars that showcase the traditional flavors of Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisines; and prepare each dish with utmost care to ensure the delight of each and every guest.

Dining List

Our hotel's dining options are incredibly diverse, offering Japanese from a long-established restaurant, French, Chinese, teppanyaki, buffet, and bar.


Here, we would like to introduce the features of our dining experience.

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Kyoto’s one and only revolving restaurant, complete with observation deck.

All seats are by the window, offering a 360-degree view of Kyoto in all seasons, including World Heritage sites such as Toji Temple and Nishi Honganji Temple. Enjoy beautiful French cuisine prepared with ingredients carefully selected by our chef, along with a view of the city of Kyoto.

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Omi Beef and Kobe Beef

We are a certified "Omi Beef" restaurant that can offer "Omi Beef", one of the three major beef varieties. Kobe beef is also available. Using a special iron plate called teppanyaki, we grill Wagyu beef, seafood, and vegetables directly and front of our guests; allowing them to enjoy both high quality beef and a lively performance.