RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo houses restaurants where you can savor many flavors, featuring Japanese Black Wagyu Beef made Teppanyaki style, Japanese Cuisines and Bars. Our commitment to food involves the careful selection of ingredients and the application of high culinary skills. We provide each dish with utmost care to ensure that every guest is delighted.

Dining List

Our hotel's dining options are incredibly diverse, offering Japanese  from a long-established restaurant, French, Chinese, teppanyaki, yakiniku, buffets, bars, and more.


Here, we would like to introduce the features of our dining experience.

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Authentic Chinese cuisine with the ultimate in traditional flavors.

Our chef carefully selects the finest ingredients.
Enjoy the Chinese cuisine with its delicate flavors and bold cooking methods.

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Seasonal flavors woven by time and technique.

Kaiseki cuisine is created from seasonal ingredients and our chef's finely honed skills and traditions.
We welcome you with beautifully arranged dishes and deep flavors.

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Luxurious flavors of ingredients that can be enjoyed with all five senses.

The flavor of the ingredients themselves is brought to life in a dynamic teppanyaki grill right in front of your eyes.
Enjoy the chef's brilliant handiwork as well.